Family with Green Power

Meet a family who don’t just talk about the climate and a green lifestyle – they are actually doing something. By putting up a wind turbine in their garden, they produce enough CO2-free electricity for themselves and seven other households.


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Green Ideas Worth Stealing

France après demain

France’s politicians should pirate more. Artists, architects and engineers are seasoned copycats, spinning one another’s creative straw into frontier-challenging gold, so why is it that world leaders spend more time gazing at their nations’ navels than at their neighbours’ clever innovations? I don’t mean to congratulate the current crop of presidential candidates for their game of taking buzzwords out of each other’s mouths as bandwagons whiz by (made in France much?) – I mean that those who aspire to lead countries, territories, cities and neighbourhoods should make it their business to study and copy the work of their cleverest counterparts. The candidates’ limp green proposals suggest a lack of intellectual stimulation. I offer them this inspiration board of environmental ideas.

Underground Parks

Paris is famous for its underground labyrinths. From the old sewer system (les égouts) to the catacombs, we know that there is no shortage…

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Street Lamp and Fitness Equipment Blend Into Smart Lighting Concept

CITYLIGHT is a hybrid urban illumination system driven by two distinct sources: human-power and electricity. The lamp uses energy saving LED as light source to replace traditional bulbs. Located in public areas, the lamps are connected to outdoor fitness facilities which carry and transfer human power generated to the light system. The interactive linear lighting pattern in the central of the pole indicates if the LED lamp is being charged by human-power and presents current battery status, which encourages people to participate the green exercise.

A monitor located on the pole displays the calories burned and the duration of lighting contributed by individual’s exercise. This concept could save a significant amount of public energy spending with utilizing human kinetic energy. In addition, by motivating and emphasizing a healthier life style for individuals, CITYLIGHT also enhances community’s awareness of green energy.

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Saudi Potato Battery Could Be Commercially Available in One Year!


Potato and plantain batteries show promise

[JEDDAH/KARACHI/LONDON] A simple battery powered by potatoes may soon become a reality as scientists in developing countries move closer to commercialising their research.

The idea of batteries made out of vegetable matter sandwiched between zinc and copper plates is being trialled by several groups around the world, including Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka

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