Electree’s Solar Bonsai charges


Electree is a modern sculpture imitating a bonsai, the leaves of which are small photovoltaic panels.


It allows to recharge your mobile devices without using any other energy than light.

Usage is strictly limited to indoors.


Electree is delivered in modules which you assemble to create your own tree. This method makes it possible to produce an infinity of different shapes. You can model it according to your wishes and at the same time optimize the orientation of the photovoltaic cells and thus increase its effectiveness.

The structure is equipped with 27 cells, for a bulk height of roughly 40cm.


Energy produced by the panels during daylight is stored in a base hidden battery. Once charged, this accumulator feeds a USB port.



Family with Green Power

Meet a family who don’t just talk about the climate and a green lifestyle – they are actually doing something. By putting up a wind turbine in their garden, they produce enough CO2-free electricity for themselves and seven other households.


I ♥ this Family {Green♥}

Milan’s Vertical Forest

Sustainable Design


The Bosco Verticale in Milan is taking green roofs to another level by planting trees along the sides of the skyscraper.  After completion it will be the greenest building in Milan, one of Europe’s most polluted cities.  The trees will provide a microclimate to filter out pollution dust particles, absorb CO2, produce oxygen, moderates temperatures, lowers new pollution, and lowers energy needed for heating and cooling.  Click here to view more pictures.

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Arts&Crafts # 17

A Skeptical Designer

Men in Green – by Mathilde Roussel

“The natural world, ingested as food becomes a component of human being.”…”Through these anthropomorphic and organic sculptures made of soil and wheat grass seeds, I strive to show that food, it’s origin, it’s transport, has an impact on us beyond it’s taste. The power inside it affects every organ of our body. Observing nature and being aware of what and how we eat makes us more sensitive to food cycles in the world – of abundance, of famine – and allows us to be physically, intellectually and spiritually connected to a global reality.” – Mathilde Roussel


mathilde roussel


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Smart Toilet – Eco Bath

Use Your Water Twice


It goes in the sink, then it goes in the toilet. What’s that? It’s your water bill! You’ve got to conserve in any way you can. Here’s a lovely simple system that makes use of the fact that toilet water never needs to be as clean as it usually is. The “Eco Bath” concept uses 50% reused water and 50% new water for a toilet system half-ways to nature friendly.

You simply must read this little poem written about this toilet system by it’s designer, Jang Woo-seok:

Express the flow of water.
General water, the blue pipes.
Green pipes, water reuse

Fresh, yes?

Jang gets the idea for the Eco Bath from the naturally flowing waterways all around us. Naturally moving, naturally cleaning. Tagged “Green”, naturally.

© Designer: Jang Woo-seok