The Samadai reef, also called the Dolphin House, is probably the most famous diving site near Marsa Alam. A large group of harmless spinner dolphins considers this particular horseshoe-shaped reef as its home and they got used to snorkelers’ company with time. While diving or snorkelling in the area, you will have to be patient to get a glimpse of the all-time favorite marine mammal: you can’t guarantee a meeting with these friendly creatures from the first dive. The more time you’ll spend on diving excursions the bigger chances you will have to experience this once-in-a-lifetime feeling.
The site is accessible by liveaboards. On their way from Sharm or Hurghada, the boats usually stop there for the night. Moreover, the Dolphin House is a major stop on any Red Seadiving safari route, departing from the major Red Sea holiday destinations.

يمكن اعتبار شعاب صمداي، التي تعرف أيضًا…

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