The Greening of the Great Egret

Serenity Spell

As mentioned in my previous post, I had to save an image of one Great Egret for its own space. At the beginning of this year’s breeding season I was able to catch a lovely model, sporting a shocking green lore — the area between the bill and the eyes. During the breeding season, the lore may turn a vibrant green; the Great Egret will also display long, elegant plumes on its back (evident in the second picture, slightly blocked by the swamp vegetation), which are used in courtship displays. Like a peacock, the feathery plumes will spread out like a fan. Outside the breeding season, these long feathers disappear.

Great Egrets are striking to spy in the swamp — their ethereal beauty, graceful stalking, and quiet strength is captivating. But the brilliant green lore and feathery plumes add yet more stunning display to an already magical scene.

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