Plant-Based Filters for Green AirTrains in the US

The Naughty Culturist

By Oana Grigoras

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the transportation sector is a challenging missions for experts. However, a designer is one step closer to improving air quality in overcrowded trains.

Francesco Codicè, a product design graduate from San Marino, has invented an innovative plant-based filter that purifies the air in passenger cabins.

According to developers, the purification process is based on NASA technology, increasing the ability of some particular species of plants to absorb saturated air, improve its quality and release it back into the open space. The main goal is to convert the excess carbon dioxide gas into oxygen.

An important element in his AirTrain prototype is a rain collection system conceived to water the plant, preserving both water supplies and money.

Apart from its environmental benefits, the concept also revolutionizes the aesthetic side of trains, highlighting the close connection between nature and humans.

In the near future…

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