a list of…five books to help us love and care for this good Earth

orange marmalade

All the Water in the World, by George Ella Lyon, illustrations by Katherine Tillotson

Squirting from hoses, splinking on sidewalks, shwooshing up the beach, sparkling in a dewdrop…wonderful, wonderful, water!  Where does it come from?  Where does it go?

George Ella Lyon has written this brilliantly simple book to help children understand that water only travels in a great big circle — the water cycle.  No more can be made than what is already in the system.  All the water in the worldis all the water in the world.  Pouring down from the skies is the same water that those skies licked up from rippling lakes and quiet ponds.

Dry places, like the arid West African land our family once lived in, and lush places — every place on earth, living things thirst for life-giving water.  Lyon’s lyrical text, voiced by an unseen, spoken-word poet,  rejoices in water…

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