How To Tell What Flowers Bees Will Like

Romancing the Bee

Post image for Bees’ Favorite Colors are Blue and Yellow

Even if you don’t want to get a hive this year, you can still help the bees by planting flowers that they like.

It’s easy to tell for yourself which flowers will attract bees. There are three things to look for if you’re trying to woo a bee.

Look for Honey Spots

Do you see the little dots in the interior of the foxglove flower pictured above, on the left? Those are called “honey spots,” and for good reason. They act as a landing guide for bees. Now that you’re aware of what they are, you’ll start noticing them on all sorts of flowers. The mahogany colored ring around the center of the coreopsis on the top right is also a type of honey spot. It acts as a giant bull’s eye for the bee, telling it right where to go.

Go for the Blue and Yellow

No, bees aren’t…

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