How to Plant a Tree.

the wife within

…just dig a hole, plop it in, and waa-laa, right?


As I learned in my Master Gardener class on Tuesday, planting a tree is not that easy.  Well, it is easy, but you have to follow a few tricks to have a thriving, beautiful tree to enjoy for many years to come.  If planted properly, trees can outlive you!

My grandmother planted a tree for me and my brother when we were born.  Now the trees are 25 & 22 and they are as beautiful as ever.  Grandma “I” obviously knew what she was doing when she planted our trees.   I hope someday, I can too do this too.  I am so grateful for this gift she left me.

Anyway, here are 10 easy steps I had to pass on from class…


Obviously when we plant a tree, we are looking…

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