Chronicles of a Suburban Nature Mom


The sight of leaves blowing in the wind, the scent of flowers, the feel of grass, the sound of bird song…   these are just a few of the wonderful  outdoor sensory experiences available for any baby to enjoy.    Getting outside is good for both baby and parent… the more often, the better.  When my son was a baby, he had colic, and it was tough for me to do much of anything.  If I wasn’t holding him and walking or swaying, he would cry and scream.  When he napped, I slept or fell exhausted on the couch.  I was lucky if I found the time to eat or shower.   But I found that when I got us outside, things were better.  The screaming would subside, and he would became more quiet and focused.  I would feel more calm and present.  Of course, if you have an easier baby…

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