Floutsam Fallacies

So I have an irrational fear of heights. What’s there to be scared of you ask? It’s not like falling hundreds of feet to a gory disfiguring death would hurt or anything. But being as exceptionally brave as I am, I decided to fight my fears. And what better way to do this than by catapulting myself on a precariously thin metal wire suspended in a rainforest canopy hundreds of feet in the air. So that’s how I found myself one sunny afternoon, standing atop a freakishly tall tree, nervously tightening and retightening every single strap of a harness that’s already so tightly wound around my body that I was beginning to lose feeling in my legs. Now I wasn’t in line for my first of the nine zips I would take that day, I had already done two or three not that it gets any less terrifying with experience, but it was…

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